Collections law is unique and each state in the nation has different laws regulating the permissible manner in which one can go about collecting on a debt. Being knowledgeable about these laws, and abiding by their intricate requirements, is the key to successfully recovering money you are owed.

We Will Locate Your Debtors And Collect What You Are Owed

At Haugen, Moeckel & Bossart, we will advise you of your rights to recovery and help you collect the money you are owed. With our deep understanding of collections law, we can utilize the legal system to locate your debtors and collect the funds due to you.

Our North Dakota-based lawyers can also help you if a tenant has breached the terms of their lease by not paying rent or damaging the premises. In such situations, we can help you seek eviction of the tenant.

Your Collections Case Deserves Personalized Attention

The attorneys at Haugen, Moeckel & Bossart will make sure your case gets the personal attention it deserves. We will help you track down and collect from your debtors.

Collection and debt relief services we provide, to consumers and business alike, including:

  • Debt collections
  • Evictions and eviction judgments
  • Past due rents
  • Commencing lawsuits and obtaining judgments
  • Post-judgment enforcement
  • Wage and bank account garnishments
  • Creditor's liens
  • Skip tracing

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