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Tips for Winning an Insurance Claim After a Car Accident


Unfortunately, car accidents are just as much a reality of the road as the pavement itself. Whenever someone gets behind the wheel of a car, there is always a chance that an accident could occur. Fortunately, most people have car insurance that could help to pay for damages to the car, replace it if necessary, and even cover medical bills.


When someone files an insurance claim, they expect the claim to get paid out. After all, that's what it says in the insurance policy; however, people everywhere should understand that there is always a chance the car insurance company could say no. Everyone needs to understand that it is their right to compensation based on the terms of the policy.


Stick to the Police Report

Remember that the police report is accepted as the accurate version of events. When talking to an insurance claims adjuster, remember what was filed in the police report. Discuss the events leading up to the accident and the circumstances that caused the accident. Try to highlight the errors that the other driver made that caused the accident while also highlighting that you were following the rules of the road. Do not stray from the police report. Discrepancies in versions of events could lead to problems with insurance claims.

Have a Minimum in Mind for the Settlement

Many people enter negotiations with an insurance company without a number in mind. This makes it difficult for people to determine whether or not the insurance company is negotiating in good faith. Think about the damages to the car and any medical bills that might have resulted from this accident. Based on this number, come up with an amount that the insurance company will need to pay to cover these costs. Then. negotiate in good faith without taking "no" for an answer. Remember that this is compensation that you are entitled to based on the accident. It is your right.

What if the Negotiations Stall?

It's not unusual for negotiations to stall and this does not mean defeat. If people have issues getting the amount that they're looking for from the claims adjuster, they could always ask to speak to the boss, manager, or supervisor for the claims department. Here, the claimant will have to rehash their story and explain to the supervisor why the amount requested is a fair settlement based on the circumstances.

Anyone who has been involved in an accident should contact an experienced attorney for assistance. While people may be afraid to negotiate with an insurance company due to their size, everyone should remember that the law is on their side. They have a right to the compensation that they're seeking and they should rely on an attorney with knowledge of the area to maximize their opportunity for a successful outcome.

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